You will Love Your Day Out on the Water with Naples Kayak Adventures!

Our Kayaks are Awesome!

  • We use Perception Tribe kayaks that are certified and are a bona fide ocean kayaks. They are sit inside open cockpit and are self bailing. They are comfortable and stable! 

  • We don't buy the little short narrow single kayaks. We buy nice ones. Our single kayaks are 11.5 feet in length and 30 1/4 in. wide. This makes for plenty of leg room so you can fully extend your legs! This length also provides nice stability out in the ocean. The single weight capacity is 350 lbs! 

  • Our tandems are awesome too! At 13.5 feet long and 33 3/4 in. wide this is one comfortable stable ocean kayak. This nice width and length gives each passenger plenty of room! Each passenger can adjust their seat and have enough leg room to fully extended their legs! Weight capacity is 500 lbs. (We limit each participant to 250 lbs or a combined weight of 500 lbs).

  • We have self bailing kayaks with scupper holes, which are the best! Of course, you will still get wet, but you will stay much dryer and have more control over your kayak. After all, who wants to sit in water or bail water out of their seat?

  • Single Kayaks have 3 storage areas: 1 sealed storage compartment next to your seat, 1 large netted storage area in the stern (back) and 1 netted storage in the bow (front).

  • Tandems have 4 storage areas: 2 sealed storage compartments next to each seat, 1 large netted storage area in the stern (back) and 1 netted storage in the bow (front). 

  • Are kayaks are the best, they have cushioned lower & upper supportive high back adjustable seats & molded footwells which allow you to adjust your position!

  • Each participant can sip on their favorite drinks (no alcohol) while they paddle along! Single kayaks have a cup holder right next to their seat and tandem kayaks have a cup holder by each seat! 

  • We have the best paddles too! They are lightweight fiberglass, so they float if you drop them & make paddling with ease! They are also adjustable, which is very important for paddling. Your paddle length should be from the ground to approimately one arms length over your head. This makes for a very nice tour! Plus, we show you how to properly hold and paddle so, you will be comfortable. Who wants to use heavy metal paddles that will tire out their arms or give them blisters anyways? 

  • Our kayaks have fun tye dye colors that won't make you look like a tourist!

  • Our kayaks & equipment are stored inside a building & never left outside or used for individual renting. They are only used for tours and cared for immediately after. This way you get quality equipment outfitted for you!

  • Best of all, we have pride in how clean we keep our kayaks, paddles, lifejackets and equipment! Who wants to wear or get in something dirty? We care that you only get the best!

Whether in a Single or a Tandem, You will only get the

Best at Naples Kayak Adventures!