Naples Kayak Adventures Wants to be Upfront on What You Should Expect. Our Policies are Listed Below:

Age Requirements: 

1) All participants under 18 are considered minors and must have one of the following: a) be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or b) be accompanied by an adult who has had the minors required forms signed by their parents.

2) All minors under 18 must always obtain their parent/guardian signature on their required form in order for any minor to participate in any activities with Naples Kayak Adventures (see our tour info pages to read and/or print any forms for minors needing a parent/guardian signature in advance. These forms will also be on site with ample time for reviewing and signing).

3) An adult is a person 18 or older.

4) Participants between the ages of 7-13 must paddle in a tandem and must have an adult in the same kayak with them.

5) Book 2 & Middle Child Seat is FREE DEAL: DEAL IS VALID ON ALL TOURS EXCEPT THE KAYAK SNORKEL SHELL TOURS DUE TO THE EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS WHICH INCLUDE SNORKEL AND MASKS: The FREE middle seat in a tandem for participants between the ages of 4-6 with 2 booked seats, one parent/guardian required. (The tandem has a third molded plastic seat in the middle. One parent is required to ride in the back seat near their child. The other passenger would ride in the front seat. There is plenty of room for all occupants to ride comfortably. Max weight limit for tandem kayaks is 500 pounds combined. Click here: to learn about our awesome kayaks. (This offer is valid for all tour options except for the Kayak Snorkel Shell Tours due to equipment requirements). (This deal covers one free middle child seat for two seats booked, however; this offer must be a direct booking for all seats at and cannot be used for private tours or events or in combination with other promotions, coupons or discounts). Max use: once per booking. 

Please contact us with any questions: 239-776-4282 or

Weight Requirements:  

1) For use of a single kayak max weight capacity is 350 lbs.

2) For use of a tandem kayak each participant cannot weigh more than 250 lbs or have a combined weight greater than 500 lbs.

Please realize this is for your safety. We have top of the line kayaks with high weight capacities, which is the best, however; we cannot exceed those weights as recommended by the manufacturers specifications. This is why we ask for your weight at the time of booking.

Minimum Bookings:

We require online bookings to be for a minimum of two seats. Due to operating costs, we no longer offer one seat to be booked online. If you would like to book one seat only, you will need to contact us directly so we can find an available date that already has bookings and that also has single kayak equipment available for one seat. Our tours operate mainly with tandem kayaks (two seaters), single kayaks are for the extra person in odd number groups. If you need a single seat, please realize there is limited availability due to the above mentioned information. Since tours cannot be financially provided for one seat only, please realize that if a date you book has less than four people, then we hold the right to cancel your tour and issue you a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience, however; due to the rise in operating costs we cannot operate a tour for one seat as this results in actual costs to us and cannot be financially provided. Single seat pricing varies and is not the same as the multi-seat discount offered online. Please contact us for single seat pricing. This policy applies equally to all travelers. 

Paddling Level:

Kayak tours are designed for the level indicated in the tours description. However, you should decide if you're in sufficient health to participate in this activity. At times currents and winds can change direction requiring additional effort. All participants that ride in a paddling seat must be physically fit, able and willing to paddle. Otherwise, they can ride in the center seat with two other paddlers in the kayak, so long as weight requirements are met, see weight requirements.

Alcohol and Illicit Drugs are Prohibited:

No alcohol permitted. Cannot be under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

USCG Life Vests:

All participants must wear the provided USCG lifejacket (PFD) when kayaking.

Covid Protocols:

  • Guest Responsibility: 

    • During Your Tour:

      • Please social distance and respect everyone's space.

      • Cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing and use hand sanitizer.

      • Place your trash in a ziplock bag during your tour.

    • At the End of Your Tour:

      • Discard your trash in a trash receptacle. 

    • If you can't attend due to illness, then please contact us. 

  • Our Responsibility:

    • We will provide hand sanitizer,

    • Staff will provide and enforce social distancing throughout your tour.

    • High traffic areas will be sanitized regularly

    • Equipment will be sanitized between tours

    • Staff will regularly sanitize their hands

    • Staff will undergo temperature checks before tours

    • Staff with symptoms will be allowed to stay at home with pay

    • We offer contactless payment, gratuities and optional add ons for you on our website.


Cancellations by You:

1) You must do one of the following at least 24 hours before your tour:

  • call us, text us or email us that you plan to cancel (include: full name, kayak tour & the date when cancelling).

  • Login on this website to manage, reschedule or cancel your tour at least 24 hours before your tour.

2) No shows will be charged the full price.​

3) Private tours for over ten people are non-refundable unless Naples Kayak Adventures cancels your tour due to weather; in that case you would receive a full refund.

Cancellations by Naples Kayak Adventures:

As per our policy, "In the event that Naples Kayak Adventures cancels your appointment due to weather, red tide advisories and/or other forces of nature, you will receive a full refund for your purchase or we will reschedule you for another available tour on any date of your choosing that is of the same value." 

We do greatly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but due to the weather conditions it would not be safe or optimal to engage in this activity. 

Please respond to us within 24 hours by phone or email as to one of the following options you have choosen due to your tour cancellation:
1. Receive a full refund
2. Reschedule your tour on another available date that is of equal value. 

If we do not hear from you within 24 hours, we will issue you a full refund. Otherwise, as soon as we hear from you, we will act promptly according to the option you have choosen.

Once again, we greatly apologize for this unfortunate event and we hope we have the opportunity to serve you in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch by calling or texting us at: 239-776-4282 or emailing us at: Thank you for your interests in booking with Naples Kayak Adventures!


Parking availability and options vary based on the tour you booked. 

Please note: tours into the 10,000 Islands may recommend/require shuttle/uber/taxi etc for arrival due to limited parking as per Collier County rules. Please visit tour info > learn more to view parking options prior to booking your tour. Parking information will also be provided under the terms and conditions at checkout as well as in your confirmation email. 

*Parking Fees/Fines will not be included with any tour. However, kayak launch fees are included with your tour.

Gifting Certificates:

Easily buy a gift certificate. Simply choose a tour, checkout and then customize a personal message with a photo. Instantly print or email your gift certificate. 

Redeeming a gift certificate is easy. Your recipient will visit us directly at, where they will: click book now, enter their promo/voucher code and select an available date to book. They will get a confirmation email instantly sent to them with all the details about their tour. 

Gift Certificates expire one year from the date of purchase and all sales are final. Your recipient can reschedule as long as they do so 24 hours before their tours departure. If their tour is cancelled due to weather, then they can reschedule for the next available date of their choosing. 

Required Forms:

1) In order to participate in any activity with Naples Kayak Adventures, the Required Form under Tour Info MUST be completed in person onsite or uploaded to us prior to any activity with Naples Kayak Adventures. It is common to be presented with such forms when participating in an activity with any watersports company. We have placed these documents on our website for you to review before making your purchase and so you can have ample time to read them in their entirety. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us by phone 239-776-4282 to speak with a live person, or email Thank you.

FREE Photo Package:

This is a free service that we provide to you based on the following: Each booked group receives a free folder full of photos within 24-48 business hours excluding national holidays. Note: if your due date for your free photos falls on a national holiday, then your link to your data will arrive the next business day.​ Please remember your data will arrive within the above mentioned business hours, meaning if your tour is on Saturday, then for example the 24-48 business hours starts on Monday, so your data will arrive at the end of the day on Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for your patience while we process great photos for you!

Seashell Bracelets:

Seashell bracelets are a free service only when booking the Kayak Snorkel Shell Adventure Tours and are provided to participants age 12 years old and older only. The bracelets contain small parts and are a potential choking hazard. We do offer other woven bracelets approved for younger participants. This is to comply with the criteria as stated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thank you for your understanding :)


Please note: this is not snorkeling in a coral reef. This tour is a combination tour which includes: kayaking, snorkeling for seashells and land shelling. You will be kayaking to an island only accessible by kayak/boat with an option to snorkel off island shoals or beaches during tidal conditions that provide water clarity for snorkeling for seashells. You can have fun snorkeling for a host of seashells, sand dollars and more! Land shelling time is also provided during this tour. During snorkeling, the level of water clarity cannot ever be guaranteed due to the nature of the ever-changing ocean conditions, therefore this is an optional activity. If on a rare occasion the water clarity conditions unexpectedly change to the point that snorkeling for seashells is unable to occur as determined by your guide; then we will discount your tour in one of the following ways: a) 20% refund per seat if snorkeling is cancelled and you did not receive snorkel gear or b) we will issue you a 10% refund and you can keep your opened snorkel gear that you received. This tour is an outdoor kayaking and snorkeling activity and is therefore extremely weather and wind speed dependent. 

Third Party Sellers:

We are not responsible for the accuracy of third party sellers that list our products, pricing, promotions and availability. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the accuracy of third party seller information that does not match our tours, descriptions, operations, and policies on our site. If you purchase a reservation through an authorized third party, you would need to contact the third party to assist you with your purchase. If you choose to book through a third party; please ensure they are legitimate and authorized to book reservations with us. For further information, please review our website and/or contact us at 239-776-4282 or