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Naples Kayak Adventures plans all of their adventure paddle tours around the tides to give you an amazing experience! Read on below:

---Did you know it's extremely important to plan kayaking around the tides? It's not just for ease in paddling but, also for safety, especially in the ocean where tidal movements can be extremely strong in some areas. Also, different tidal movements yield different experiences. It's literally like being on a different ocean when the tide changes because, marine life behaves differently with tidal movements. For instance, have you ever heard fisherman say slack tide is dead tide, that's because many do not like to fish a slack tide. The water is stagnet and not alot of action is happening in the water. There is actually so many dynamics that go along with the tidal movements, such as water depth, visibility etc. These affect the way marine life including birds behave and eat. This is why we do not run our tours at the same time everyday. We want to ensure that you experience a tidal movement that coincides with your kayaking experience. Now with that said, each tour offers its own unique experience. Some kayak tours are planned around the sunsets or shelling or snorkeling or mangrove safari experiences. So, some tours are better during different tidal movements therefore; we may explore rising tides or lowering tides whichever is best based on the experience you have booked. We actually study the tides for each and every day of the year and hand pick special tidal days for each kayak experience. We have also created charts on marine life activity in the area based on water depths, tidal movements, and habitats to ensure we visit all the best spots at the best times for your tour. Let me tell ya, it's alot of work and we have had some endless days putting schedules together... but like I've said before we care about you all and we are looking out for you. That's why we do not launch tours at nine and one everyday. Your counting on us and we care enough about you to give it all we got! I am pretty sure that's why we are the only ones that do this. Because, we really really want to make sure that we try to do everything in our power to plan a great adventure for you. From our hearts to yours ---- we love meeting you all and contributing to making great memories for you!



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