Love Sand Dollars? Visit Sand Dollar Heaven!

At Naples Kayak Adventures we know where to find sand dollars! This season has started off with a kick because, there is sand dollars everywhere on our kayak tours!! Naples Kayak Adventures plans tours around the perfect tides for finding sand dollars and they are filling up the bags this year!

So, here's how it goes: the team at Naples Kayak Adventures work hours and hours going through calendars and picking out all the awesome tides for you---way in advance. This way, you will get out on the islands when the ocean floor is low enough to reveal sand dollars! Then we even point you to the area of the island to find them --- I must say this is amazing planning! But, ya know what ---- we love you guys --- and it makes us super duper happy to know you all are having the time of your life!

Corny Kayaker Joke of the Day:

Why do mermaids love to collect sand dollars??

-----so they can spend them at the oyster bar---- lolz

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