At Naples Kayak Adventures all of our staff not only serve an administrative role, but also a field role. This way we ensure you are getting the ultimate kayaking experience developed for you! You only get the best at Naples Kayak Adventures! Meet some of our executive staff below.

Owner & Lead Tour Guide


Michael holds an education which includes a bachelors degree of science with a strong background in biology. Michael has been kayaking his whole life and has spent well over a decade kayaking the waters of southwest Florida! Michael is a naturalist who is passionate and educated about Florida’s wildlife and is eager to share a wealth of knowledge with you! He is fun & liked by many as are the rest of his tour guides! Michael provides an amazing customer experience from start to finish.  Michael's history of building relationships throughout SW Florida as a Director of Business Development for major companys is evidence of his dedication to customer satisfaction. Michael and/or his naturalist tour guides will you lead you on a great and fun adventure through mangroves and out to the Gulf of Mexico! You will have the chances to see & learn about many different species of Florida's wildlife such as: land & aquatic mammals (eg. dolphins & manatees), birds (eg. cranes, shorebirds, seabirds), reptiles & amphibians (eg. gopher tortoises and sea turtles), brackish & saltwater fish, sharks, rays, seashells, shrimp, blue crabs, sponges, conch, clams, tropical plants and so much more! Come follow along with Michael and his fun experienced naturalist tour guides!

Director of Sales, Marketing, Product Creation & Photography


Laura is the Vice President of Naples Kayak Adventures. She serves as the Director of Sales, Marketing, Product Creation & Photography. Laura brings a rich background of over 15 years of office management and many years of photography experience. Laura's college education is as a Registered Nurse. She has served in hospitals and hospice settings for nearly a decade. Laura holds a certified BLS. Laura is a naturalist and is currently enrolled in the Coastal Systems - Florida Master Naturalist Program with the University of Florida. Laura holds a passion for kayaking and has a history of exploring southwest Florida's water trails for nearly 12 years. Laura has completed Certified Paddlesports Education from the American Canoe Association. Laura brings a diverse background and extensive knowledge to Naples Kayak Adventures. Laura's enthusiasm for wildlife, knowledge of seashells and love for photography makes her a valuable and interactive tour guide.




Jonah serves as a Webmaster for Naples Kayak Adventures. Jonah is point of contact for our customers photo and video packaging. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having completed many computer programming courses towards his degree in computer programming. Jonah as well as all of our staff share a passion for kayaking and a wealth of knowledge about Florida's wildlife. Jonah has lived in Florida since a few years after he was born. He has many years of experience in exploring the coastal regions of Florida as well as fishing, snorkeling, crabbing, boating and kayaking in south Florida's water trails. Jonah is also certified with the State of Florida and recognized by the USCG for having completed lifetime Boating Safety Education. Jonah also periodically serves as an educated and experienced tour guide for Naples Kayak Adventures, as does all of our staff.


Tour Operations Manager & Tour Guide


Micah serves as a Tour Operations Manager for Naples Kayak Adventures. Micah also serves as our Tour Guide for week day morning/afternoon tours. Micah has been exploring Florida's waters nearly his whole life and is experienced in the skills of kayaking technique and safety. Micah has completed training as a kayak tour guide. He is certified with the State of Florida and recognized by the USCG for having completed lifetime Boating Safety Education. Micah is fun and loves to be interactive with his group to ensure they have a great time! Micah is educated in biology and is currently attending college for his engineering degree. Micah possess great knowledge about Florida's land and aquatic life. He will safely guide you on an awesome adventure to our special hotspots for the best chances to see and learn about our wildlife friends. Have chances to see our dolphins friends we know so well, that we have even given them names.