10,000 Islands Ultimate Shelling Kayak Adventure Tour!

10,000 Islands Ultimate Shelling Kayak Adventure Tour
with Naples Kayak Adventures!

Tour Location & Time:

New Seasonal Hours Starting Fall 2022

Open Nov. 1, 2022 - May 15, 2023 (Closed during summer rainy season June - October).

Offered by Naples Kayak Adventures During Season, Weekly on Days with the Perfect Tides for Shelling & Kayaking:
Visit our booking calendar to book the best days & times! (times vary from early morning, mid morning, afternoon to evening hours based on the tides). Early tours get the bonus of seeing the sunrise from one of the only places in SW Florida, while late tours may experience a beautiful sunset. All of our tours are during adequate lighting to appreciate the serenity around you!

Total Time of Tour & Pricing

Beginner Level:

3 - 3.5 Hrs Total, With 1.5 hrs of Dedicated Shelling & Exploration Time on a Remote Island for You to Find Your Treasures! 

$69.99 per seat when you book more than one seat. Includes free amazing amenities (see below).

*Deal: Book 2 seats & the middle child seat is free! Get this deal only when you book online with Naples Kayak Adventures!

Tour Summary & Details:

Summary: Attention Shelling Explorers & Marine Life Lovers! This is a Rare Opportunity to Travel by Kayak through Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and into the Ten Thousand Islands During the Perfect Tides to Explore Vast Exposed Ocean Floors & Huge Calm Tide Pools! Naples Kayak Adventures Has Designed this Tour for Ease in Paddling! You Will Discover Perfect Seashells Galore Guaranteed (Many Keepers)! Have Fun Finding, Keeping & Learning About a Huge Variety of Seashells (see details). You Will See and Learn About a Host of Rare Marine Life Such as: Various Colorful Sponges & Corals, Starfish (5 & 9 legged), Various Living & Empty Seashells, Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars, Comb Jellies, Sea Beans, Octopus, Seahorses & Much More! Great Family Fun! Enjoy 1.5 hrs of Dedicated Shelling & Exploration Time on a Remote Island Accesible by Kayak! Also Have Chances to See: Dolphins, Manatees, Sea Turtles, Ocean Fish, Tropical Birds & Much More During Your Travels! All the Best Equipment Outfitted for You During Your Tour (see details). Small Groups for Personalized Attention! Join Naples Kayak Adventures on this elite one of a kind kayak adventure tour for a memorable Florida vacation! 

Details:  This tour departs from south Marco Island during low tides. This amazing elite and small group kayak tour is offered weekly on select days at select times when the tide yields the greatest shelling fun and ease in paddling! (We are the only kayak tour agency that researches each and every day up to a year in advance, so that you can easily book online at specific times on specific days that indicate the best experience possible)! We love making memories at Naples Kayak Adventures, that is why this is the best 10,000 Islands Ultimate Shelling Kayak Adventure Tour in SW Florida! You will safely follow your tour guides into Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve toward the ten thousand islands for an amazing shelling and marine life adventure. During your travels to a pristine island you will enjoy opportunities to see a host of marine life from the waters surface of your kayak. On the island, you will see a vast exposed ocean floor and many calm tide pools for you to explore. There will be seashells and living marine life everywhere. You will learn about a host of seashells & marine life including: interesting facts, identification, how to interact with them, what shells are keepers, where to possibly find a particular shell & so much more! During your seashell hunting, enjoy finding a variety of possible empty shells to keep which may include: whelk, conch, tulip, urchins, olive, murex, pearl oyster, junonia, cockle, bonnet, scallops, clams, drill, sand dollar, coquina, ceriths, worm snail, spotted slipper, limpet, turkey & angel wing, triton, cantharus, periwinkle, cat's paw, nerite, king's crown, nautilus, lion's paw, pen shell, tun, dove shell, baby's ear, rock shell, fig, carrier shell, dosinia, tagelus, venus, quahog, mussel, lucine, blood ark, oyster, nutmeg, distorsio, shark's eye, rangia, bubble, sundial, bonnet, top shell, tellin, cone, wentlet trap, florida spiny jewelbox, jingle, gulf cone snail, auger & more! A host of rare live aquatic life to interact with may include: various colorful sponges & corals, starfish (5 & 9 legged), various living seashells (see above), sea urchin, sand dollar, comb jellies, sea beans, octopus, seahorses & much more! Marine life opportunities to encounter include: dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, fish, tropical birds & much more! If you would like, during your trip we take photos of you and your group during your tour and fill up a folder to share with you via google drive. This personalized tour features small groups and 2 tour guides with a natualist on every tour to provide you with the attention and shared knowledge that you deserve! You will have the pleasure of travelling in top of the line clean equipment during your tour! Your tour will include use of: a bona fide comfortable sit inside open cockpit stable ocean kayak that is self bailing with cushioned lower and upper high back supportive adjustable seats, footwells for plenty of room to extend your legs, fun colors, cupholders (1 in singles & 3 in tandems), light fiberglass adjustable paddles that fit your body size & provide ease in paddling, clean comfortable fitting USCG life jackets, free new whistle to keep, large dry bag use, sealed storage (1 in singles & 2 in tandems), 2 netted outer storage areas, kayak launch fees, large seashell bag with handles, FREE bottle of water, FREE pics! (Our kayaks & equipment are stored inside a building & never left outside or used for individual renting. This way you get quality clean equipment outfitted for you every time)! 

Paddling Level:

  • Naples Kayak Adventures has designed this tour for Ease in Paddling. We take routes that coincide with the tides for the day of your tour and guide you safely into the ten thousand islands at a comfortable pace for you. 

  • Beginner Level Tours: The kayaking distance for the begginer tour is approximately 2 miles round trip, which is just right for beginner kayaking. Travel with two guides during special tidal movements to make for an easy paddling experience. 

  • With experienced tour guides at your side this is great family fun! You will be in small groups with two guides, so we can provide you with the assistance you need all the way. This is a super fun adventure you don't want to miss. We know you will have an amazing time!​​


FREE Amazing Amenities Only at Naples Kayak Adventures:

  • Smaller Size Groups so, It's All About You!

  • FREE Folder Full of Photos with Every Kayak Tour!

  • Top of the Line Equipment use inc: a Bonafide Comfortable Stable Ocean Kayak, Cushioned Supportive High Back Adjustable Seats, 3 Cupholders, Light Fiberglass Paddles for Ease, Life Jacket, New Whistle to Keep, and a Large Dry Bag to Use.

  • County Kayak Launch Fees Included

  • FREE Large Seashell Bag with Handles for You to Keep!

  • FREE Bottled Water


Equipment & Seating Details:


Weight Limits: 

  • Tandem weight limit is 250 lbs per participant or 500 lbs combined. 

  • Single seat kayak weight limit is 350 lbs. 

Important Things to Know

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Click here to view our required forms that each participant must sign onsite prior to participating in any activities. Minors will require their parent's signature on their required forms.

  • Participants between the ages of 7-13 must paddle in a tandem and must have an adult in the same kayak with them.

  • Participants between the ages of 4-6 may ride in the middle tandem seat near an adult for Free when two seats are booked. (The tandem has a third molded plastic seat in the middle. One parent is required to ride in the back seat near their child. The other passenger would ride in the front seat. There is plenty of room for all occupants to ride comfortably. Max weight limit for tandem kayaks is 500 pounds combined).

  • Kayak tours are designed for easy/beginner level. However, you should decide if you're in sufficient health to participate in this activity. At times currents and winds can change direction requiring additional effort. All participants that ride in a paddling seat must be physically fit, able and willing to paddle. Otherwise, they can ride in the center seat with two other paddlers in the kayak, so long as weight requirements are met.

Visit our Tour Info pages for answers to many questions. Here are some of the most popular links:

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The Naples Kayak Adventures Team