Below is a list of items that Naples Kayak Adventures highly recommends that you bring with you on your tour:

  • Polarized sunglasses

  • Sunscreen lotion 50 spf or greater and water resistant (highly recommended).

  • Sun shielding hat (highly recommended).

  • Any personal items you will need and can't be without (highly recommended).

  • Insect repellant (highly recommended - especially for tours in the evening hours).

  • A ziplock baggie to place any items you want to prevent from getting wet. There is a sealed storage compartment to store items, often times it stays dry, however items can and may still get wet inside the compartment (highly recommended).

  • Water shoes/Aqua Socks for every tour is highly recommended and is a requirement for the 10,000 Islands Ultimate Shelling Kayak Tour.

  • Clothing:

    • Kayak, Snorkel & Shell Tours and Mangrove Safari Kayak Tours: Comfortable clothing such as swimwear or shorts that you don't mind getting wet.

    • 10,000 Islands Ultimate Shelling Kayak Tours, Sunset Kayak Tours & Tours that depart near the evening or early morning hours: Comfortable clothing you don't mind getting wet. Recommended wear is long sleeves and long shorts or pants. You do stay mostly dry however, Dri-fit material is best for comfort. (Dec.-Feb.: If the temp is forecasted to be cool that day, then a light jacket is recommended). 

  • Towel (please bring your own towels, they can not be provided).

  • Waterproof bag or a bag that you don't mind getting wet to store any of your additional items in the outside netted storage areas.

  • Use the restroom before arrival, since we pick hotspots to see wildlife, some areas may not have bathrooms onsite.

  • Sufficient bottled water and snacks for a two and a half hour kayak tour.

  • A Happy Disposition & Smiles for Photos of your Great Kayak Adventure (Photos are a free service we provide (see details). If you do not want your pic taken just simply let us know.)

If you have any questions about what to bring & wear, we are here to help. Please call or text us at 239-776-4282. Thank you :)

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