Southwest Florida is home to many species of marine life and tropical birds! On your guided adventure, you will follow along to hot spots that have the highest viewing potential! Examples of the wildlife you have the opportunity to view include; many different species of birds (such as cranes, shorebirds, seabirds), land & aquatic mammals (such as dolphins & manatees), reptiles & amphibians (such as gopher tortoises and sea turtles), brackish & saltwater fish, sharks, rays, seashells, shrimp, stonecrabs, sponges, conch, clams, tropical plants and more. (For a more comprehensive list scroll down). Bulleted below are a few highlights of what you could see on your kayak adventure with Naples Kayak Adventures!

  • Dolphins: If you’re looking to see dolphins, then you’re visiting the right place. Florida waters contain many different species of dolphins and southwest Florida is known to be home to many pods of dolphins. Dolphins live in brackish & saltwater, so be prepared to see them swim near or along side your kayak. The most common type of dolphin in southwest Florida is the bottle nose dolphin (tursiops truncatus). These dolphins have strong musculature bodies. They have bluish grey color on top and a lighter underside. These dolphins are intelligent, can get up to 6-12 feet long and live as long as 50 years! To learn more and view these amazing creatures at the surface of the water, sign up for one of our kayak tours. Nothing beats the excitement of viewing these creatures up close which you just can't get in a regular boat! Even though, the best viewing times to see bottle nose dolphins is near sunset, they can truly be spotted all day long & we do know some hot spots! Remember, dolphins are wildlife, so we need to respect them and allow them to be viewed undisturbed in their natural environment.

  • Gopher Tortoises: Are listed as threatened in Florida and protected under state law. We must respect them in their natural environment. Gopher Tortoises are known as (gopherus polyphemus) and they are in the reptile class. It’s been said they’ve been around for millions of years and their lifespan is 40-60 years. They have tan, brown and gray colors, with elephantine flat hind feet. They mostly live in sandy areas and like to dig deep burrows with their forelimbs to protect themselves from weather. Some burrows have been over 47 feet long!

  • Florida Manatee: Native to florida, manatees are usually 9-10 feet long and have an approximate weight of 1,000 pounds! However some are even larger weighing over 3,000 pounds! With their two fore limb flippers, flat paddle shaped tail, fine wrinkly leathery skin, growth of algae on their back, green brown color they are just big Herbivores (plant eaters). They are known as “sea cows” & they are absolutely amazing to see! Whether you’re an adult, teenager or child, you will be in awe & feel like that made your day!! Please remember the Florida manatee is protected under federal law and it is important to view them in their natural environment without disturbing them. Thank you.

Want to learn more & see these awesome creatures? Come book a tour with Naples Kayak Adventures for the opportunity to see all that the Florida coastal waters have to offer! If you like, we will get HD PICS & VIDEOS of you and your group to enjoy for years to come! We are here to cater to you & make your trip a memorable one!

(If you want a more comprehensive list of potential wildlife that could be encountered, we tried to develop a list that is as thorough as possible for those that are interested, however in no way is it deemed or implied that it isn’t possible to encounter other wildlife, whether native or nonnative species of land or sea wildlife or plant life or other ocean life beyond what is listed below. This list is still being updated. If you have specific questions feel free to contact us.)

Birds (sandhill cranes, whooping cranes, game birds, turkeys, owls, raptors & vultures, shorebirds & seabirds, songbirds, waterbirds, waterfowl & woodpeckers), mammals (armadillo, black bear, bobcat, coyote, deer, florida panther, fox squirrel, gray fox, mouse, rabbit, mink, pocket gopher, red fox, raccoon, skunks, squirrels, wild hog, beaver, aquatic dolphin, aquatic Florida manatee, aquatic river otter), reptiles & amphibians (alligator, American crocodiles, gopher tortoise, eastern indigo snake, water snakes, eastern coachwhip snake, rattlesnake, freshwater turtles, sea turtles/loggerhead turtle, green sea turtle, sea turtle/leatherback turtle, kemp rigley turtle, hawksbill turtle, amphibians & gopher frog), freshwater fish (American eel, American shad, black crappie, blue catfish, bluegill, bowfin, brown bullhead, chain pickerel, channel catfish, flathead catfish, florida gar, largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, redear sunfish, shoal bass, spotted bass, spotted sunfish, striped bass, sucker, sunshine bass, Suwannee bass, warmouth, white bass, white catfish, yellow bullhead, black acaria, blue tilapia, brown hoplo, bullseye snakehead, butterfly peacock, clown knifefish, common carp, grass carp, jaguar guapote, mayan cichlid, midas cichlid, Oscar, piranha, spotted tilapia, sailfin catfish, swamp eel, walking catfish), saltwater fish (American shad, atlantic spadefish, atlantic thread herring, ballyhoo, barracuda, bay anchovy, blue marlin, billfish longbill spearfish, billfish sailfish, billfish swordfish, billfish white marlin, saltwater bluefish, saltwater bonefish, catfish gafftopsail catfish, catfish hardhead catfish, saltwater cobia, saltwater dolphinfish, drums atlantic croaker, drums black drum, drums gulf kingfish, drums red drum, drums sand seatrout, drums silver perch, drums silver seatrout, drums souther kingfish, drums spot, drums spotted seatrout, drums weakfish, flounder gulf flounder, flounder southern flounder, saltwater gray triggerfish, grouper black grouper, grouper gag grouper, grouper goliath grouper, grouper Nassau grouper, grouper red grouper, grouper scamp, grouper warsaw grouper, grouper yellowfin grouper, grouper yellowmouth grouper, grunt pigfish, grunt tomtate, grunt white grunt, saltwater gulf sturgeon, saltwater hogfish, jacks African pompano, jacks almaco jack, jacks atlantic bumper, jacks banded rudderfish, jacks bigeye scad, jacks blue runner, jacks crevalle jack, jacks florida pompano, jacks greater amberjack, jacks horse eye jack, jacks leather jacket, jacks lesser amberjack, jacks, lookdown, jacks palometa, jacks permit, jacks round scad, mackerel cero mackerel, mackerel king mackerel, mackerel Spanish mackerel, mackerel wahoo, menhaden gulf menhaden, mullet fantail mullet, mullet striped mullet, porgy grass porgy, porgy jolthead porgy, porgy knobbed porgy, porgy littlehead porgy, porgy pinfish, porgy red porgy, porgy sheepshead, porgy spottail pinfish, saltwater scaled  sardine, sea bass bank sea bass, sea bass black sea bass, sea bass rock sea bass, sea bass sand perch, sharks atlantic sharpnose shark, sharks blacknose shark, sharks blacktip shark, sharks blue shark, sharks bonnethead shark, sharks bull shark, sharks Caribbean reef shark, sharks dusky shark, sharks finetooth shark, sharks lemon shark, sharks nurse shark, sharks sand tiger shark, sharks sandbar shark, sharks scalloped hammerhead shark, sharks shortfin mako shark, sharks smooth dogfish, sharks spinner shark, sharks spiny dogfish, sharks thresher shark, sharks tiger shark, snapper blackfin snapper, snapper cubera snapper, snapper dog snapper, snapper gray snapper, snapper lane snapper, snapper mahogany snapper, snapper mutton snapper, snapper queen snapper, snapper red snapper, snapper schoolmaster, snapper silk snapper snapper vermilion snapper, snapper yellowtail snapper, snook fat snook, snook snook, snook swordspine snook, snook tarpon snook, saltwater Spanish sardine, saltwater striped anchovy, saltwater striped mojarra, tarpon ladyfish, tarpon tarpon, saltwater tripletail, tuna atlantic bonito, tuna blackfin tuna, tuna bluefin tuna, tuna little tunny, tuna skipjack tuna, tuna yellow fin tuna, saltwater yellowfin menhaden), sharks (blacktip shark, bonnethead shark, bull shark, great hammerhead shark, lemon shark, nurse shark, tiger shark), rays (eagle rays cownose ray, eagle ray spotted eagle ray, electric rays lesser electric ray, guitarfishes atlantic guitarfish, manta rays devil ray, manta rays giant manta, sawfishes smalltooth sawfish, skates cleanose skate, skates roundel skate, stingrays atlantic stingray, stingrays bluntnose stingray, stingrays roughtail stingray, stingrays smooth butterfly ray, stingrays souther stingray, stingrays yellow stingray)